Pecans, Chocolate, Praline, Cajun, Louisiana, Toasted, Roasted
Price: $40.00


    With this Gourmet Pecan Sampler you will receive these wonderful Pecan Treats! Milk Chocolate Pecans, Creamy White Pecans, Praline Pecans, Cinnamon Spiced Pecans, Roasted Salted Pecans and Honey Toasted Pecans! This is one of the South's favorite combinations with the most popular flavors. Gourmet Pecan Sampler! THE BEST OF ALL!

    WARNING: May-September of each year it is really too hot to ship. Chocolate Melts. Please call if you want special packaging for Summertime shipments of chocolate products, extra shipping costs apply.

    May we suggest our Summer Special Classic 7, no chocolate products but just as wonderful!