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    Attractive one pound Gift Boxes with zip-lock bag make a beautiful presentation! Select from our many flavors, or try a box of each if you can't decide! Share a special Louisiana treat with friends and loved ones! 16 ozs. (454g)

    WARNING: May-September of each year it is really too hot to ship. Chocolate Melts. Please call if you want special packaging for Summertime shipments of chocolate products, extra shipping costs apply.

    Careful! They’re hot! Our specialty Cajun Spice Pecans are roasted and buttered, then seasoned with our own Cajun seasonings to make a hot, spicy South Louisiana treat.
    Who could resist a top-quality fresh, mammoth pecan coated to perfection with a thick coating of premium-quality creamy milk chocolate.
    A fresh, crisp golden pecan, coated in smooth, buttery toffee, then dipped in thick, creamy milk chocolate and rolled in powdered sugar.
    The perfect blend of cinnamon, sugar and our secret spices covering a fresh, golden pecan creates an irresistible taste treat!
    A delicious golden pecan dipped in a creamy white coating—a unique sweet and nutty flavor! Not your mother's traditional yogurt covered pecan, it has a combination of white chocolate and other creamy goodness surrounding freshly shelled pecans!
    Praline coated pecans, the signature of the South! Fresh Southern Pecans are generously coated with the flavor of a traditional New Orleans style praline.
    What could be better on a cold winter’s night than the aroma of roasted pecans! Our pecans are carefully roasted and coated with just enough butter and salt to create that old-fashioned roasted pecan flavor everybody loves!