Fudge made with our secret Louisiana recipe (really it was Aunt Joanna's recipe). I believe that our creamy delicious Chocolate Pecan Fudge is the best because we like lot's and lot's of pecans in our fudge, so we load our secret recipe with the finest pecan pieces we can fine. I like chocolate, caramel and I like pecans. Please enjoy our Chocolate Pecan Fudge made right here in South Louisiana by Classic Golden Pecans!

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Chocolate Pecan Fudge 1 lb.
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    Made with our secret Louisiana recipe, our creamy, delicious Chocolate Pecan Fudge is the perfect blend of flavors for a delightful treat. Our fudge is brimming with Classic Golden Pecan pieces to create a gift that will delight your clients, friends and family! 1lb (454g) WARNING: May-September of each year it is really too hot to ship. Chocolate will melt. Please call if you want special packaging for Summertime shipments of chocolate products, extra shipping costs apply. ...